What would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse as a comic con? Well, these 4 friends are about to find out! 

Zomcon follows 4 friends attending a comic convention together and everything seems normal, geeky and exciting to begin with. Later on in the day one of the friends falls sick and leaves the gang to freshen up but when the gang find her again she suddenly has a taste for human flesh. Our now gang of 3 must find a way out before they too become infected, battling zombie popular characters along the way and fighting their way through the twists of your normal comic convention. 

ZomCon has been written by Katherine Hemmings and Karl Hughes. Illustrated, coloured and lettered by Katherine Hemmings. Edited by Karl Hughes.

Below are the unedited preview pages for the first issue which were a test and plan to be re drawn and edited come closer to the finish

Being a Cosplayer

Being A Cosplayer is about all the things us cosplayers experience and go through, from needing triple the luggage for a 3-day convention in comparison to a 2 week holiday, to staying up for 48 hours making your cosplay because you have left it till the last minute again.


The book has over 40 colour comics all drawn, coloured, and lettered by myself. It was written together with Karl Hughes who helped edit 'Being Ginger' and who is also a cosplay fanatic like myself!


Squirrel Girl x Batgirl- Fan Comic


This is a fan comic and do not own these characters in any way. Myself and Karl Hughes worked on this as a practice and fun project over lockdown. 

This comic was made free for all via gumroad.

Being Ginger


Being Ginger is a diary comic book which was successfully Kickstarted in 2019. It is a collection of short diary comics all true to my own life and the life of gingers around me. From being told you are a vampire, to owning more sunscreen than you have friends, etc. 

It was a huge success on Kickstarter with almost triple the target reached. I took the book to Thought Bubble to debut and sold really well!


Written, illustrated, coloured, lettered all by myself!

Edited by Karl Hughes 



'Damsel from D.I.S.T.R.E.S.S!' 2020

'Secret Rites'


'James and Jack in Crazyland- Crystal Palace'- 2020





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