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About Me

Hi, I’m Katherine

This Is My Story

My name is Katherine, I am a comics artist from the UK.


I took part in the 'Comic Creative Catalyst 2018', with teachers such as John McCrea, Laura Howell and Dave Gibbons to name a few! Myself and 13 others on the course banded together to create our own comic anthology- Off The Mark- Comic Anthology which showcased our art and short storytelling. 


In August 2019 I successfully Kickstarted my first book called 'Being Ginger' which showcased all the funny and crazy things I and other redheads go through. You can now find this book in my website store here, Etsy, The Traveling Man and hopefully more soon!

In 2020 I successfully Kickstarter my second book 'Being A Cosplayer' which follows the same style as the previous Being Ginger. It is a collection of short diary comics from my 7+ years of experience doing cosplay!

Now I am working on my own graphic novel and lots of other mini projects! You can keep up to date with what I am working on through my social media.

For more of my latest work on current projects click here!


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