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My name is Katherine, I am an avid doodler with the dream of drawing professionally. 


I took part in the 'Comic Creative Catalyst 2018', with teachers such as John Mc Crea (Hitman, Dead Rabbit), Laura Howell (Regular Show, Beano) and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) to name a few! Myself and 13 others on the course banded together to create our own comic anthology- Off The Mark- Comic Anthology which showcased our art and short storytelling. 


In August 2019 I successfully Kickstarted my own book called 'Being Ginger' which showcased all the funny and crazy things I and other redheads go through. You can now find this book on Etsy, The Traveling Man and soon to be Foyles!

For more of my latest work on current projects click here!


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