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Being Ginger is a collection of over 40 short diary comics all about the troubles, funny moments, and awkward positions that gingers get put through, all drawn and written by Katherine Hemmings. All of the stories are true to life experiences from the writer's life, or inspiration captured from fellow haired friends.


It is perfect for those people looking for an insight into the life of us rare creatures, or for fellow gingers who want to giggle at the relatableness and feel like they are not alone in their unique interactions with society. 


Katherine has been drawing Being Ginger comics since 2017 with a strong sense of what the book would be. What was surprising was the overwhelming love and support from such a huge number of people, and the growing excitement for this book to come together.

Being Ginger was successfully funded through the popular platform Kickstarter in August 2019.

If you want to have your own copy of Being Ginger, you can pick one up via the shop.

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